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  • Career

    New Mexico House of Representatives 2021(R) & 2022(R)

    • As a legislative Assistant & Committee Assistant, Augustine worked to protect our communities through how I administered the Committee and respective offices of the assigned Legislators.

    Candidate for New Mexico House of Representatives - House District 22

    • As a candidate for New Mexico House District 22, I stood ready to fight for our communities and ensure that we had access to safe, potable water, economic development that prioritized main street businesses, infrastructural gains that made sense and much more.

    Claunch-Pinto Soil & Water Conservation District

    • In having worked for the SWCD I have been given the distinct privilege of understanding not only the value of these agencies, but further the importance of fighting climate change and safeguarding our environment and communities by interconnecting our society with the environment around us.

    Bernalillo County Commission

    • As the Executive Officer to the Bernalillo County Commission, I have been dedicated and steadfast in ensuring that my Administrative Support hits at the heart of our consitutents most important issues. Ranging from Wildfire safety to water protections, I have been integral to ensure that residents of Bernalillo County have a constituent services and administrator that hears and protects us.

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    Chair - Democratic Party of Torrance County (Youngest in NM HISTORY)


    Vice-Chair DPNM Affirmative Action Committee


    Secretary - Young Democrats of New Mexico


    Rural Representative - Fuerzas Unidas Caucus


    Chair of the LGBTQIA+ Caucus of the Democratic Party


    What to learn more? CALL (505)620-4539

    Personal Story

    I am a product of rural New Mexico, Torrance County more specifically. What this means is that not only am I bringing forward our values as New Mexicans to the DNC, but I am brining forward our rural voice. However, I understand that the only true way for us to begin chipping away at the divide between our rural and urban communities is to have the ability to navigate and speak for both spaces. In having worked between the rural East Mountains & New Mexico, as well as our urban counter parts, I know that I am the candidate that can work toward this solution at the DNC and for years to come.


    What makes me the strongest candidate to represent New Mexico in the DNC is my work ethic and commitement to representing our ability, as New Mexicans, to get the job done. Regardless of where you come from in New Mexico, you also know what it means to work day in and day out to support your families. In having been raised by a working class, wood-hauling family, I know what it takes to sit in committee or in meetings and truly have the work ethic and endurance to get our agenda past the finish line.


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